Shailesh K Kapoor

Chief Legal Counsel

Shailesh is a law graduate from Delhi University, is an accomplished corporate lawyer of Delhi with more than two decades of legal expertise and a robust portfolio of corporate clients who have been represented by him in business critical litigations. His litigation practice extends to all major courts of India. His areas of focus include litigation support of both civil and criminal cases, advising on IPR issues, arbitration, telecom regulatory and labor issues.

Shailesh provides legal assistance to all clients of TACT not only in his individual capacity but also through his battery of experienced and qualified law graduate team members across India. His grasp of IPR, compliance and new business entry into India has been a significant knowledge base for all brand owning clients of TACT India who have also benefited from his post enforcement prosecution prowess. Shailesh has handled numerous high profile corporate litigation cases including the cases relating to some of the 'Fortune 100' corporations operating in India.