Security Audit

TACT India conducts comprehensive security audits of critical facilities across industry segments and advises on the implementation of industry-specific viable practical solutions where intricate knowledge of Indian by-laws ensures plausible implementation.

TACT India Security Audits

TACT India believes that security in isolation is less effective than a holistic approach. That's why we recommend TACT India's "Physical Security Audit" for the entire operations. TACT's security audit carries out a thorough analysis of the physical infrastructure that protects your organization and includes scrutiny of the personnel policies and procedures that impact the client's organization. TACT India's solutions are tailor-made for the client's organization and meet their security needs.

TACT's experienced security experts conduct a physical security audit based on the boundaries that are determined by the clients or recommended by TACT India and provide a comprehensive report to meet all the security needs of the organization.

IT Security Audits

The influx of technology and reliance of organizations on IT for all facets of their operations has increased their vulnerabilities concerning the theft of data and proprietary information. TACT India's IT security audit reviews the IT security policies, business activities security, and system security and recommends solutions to mitigate the IT-related vulnerabilities of the organization.

TACT’s Security Audit includes a detailed analysis of


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