Due Diligence

TACT India's due diligence practice advises multinational corporations prior to selecting a local business partner or making investments. TACT India's roots, network, and expertise in overt and covert research help decision-makers in identifying risks that are seldom visible to others not well versed with the intricacies of the Indian market, business dynamics, and risk environment.

Types of Due Diligence


A due diligence exercise is needed to identify & appoint an entity that provides business continuity, and smooth servicing, incentivizes trade, and improves good compliance and corporate governance. The result of the Due Diligence exercise is to make on-ground operations more robust by identifying gaps that need to be filled while addressing the need for compliance and governance.

An audit exercise is needed to compare actual physical counts and match them to business records. These audit results provide the client with valuable insights, highlighting the centers where integrity breaches would observed. Basis the outcome, the client can take necessary action to control service rejections and uphold the brand image.


  • Business Overview
  • Financials
  • Legal and Compliances
  • Reputation and Ethics
  • Scope of Funding


  • Business progression and growth since the genesis
  • Infrastructure Details
  • Number & Volume of Businesses being dealt
  • Analysis of Formal Education & professional experience
  • Geographic Reach & Market Hold
  • Business Processes being followed - Organizational Structure, Payments, Security etc.
  • Data Bank Search - CIBIL, CBI, SEBI etc.
  • Local, National & Global Media Search for all the parties involved
  • Qualitative assessment of the entire setup - Owners, Employees & Stakeholders


  • Financial Statements' Analysis of all the firms of the concerned entities, for the past 3 years along with the latest available provisional financial statements
  • Assessment of present risks or potential risks in future
  • Banker Verifications & Status Check for Bank Transactions of the existing businesses
  • Authenticity & Compliance check of Sources of Funds for the proposed business, whether in accordance with the predefined 'Terms of Reference'
  • Overall Financial Status, Spare Capacity & Fundraising capabilities


  • Civil and Criminal Litigation Check
  • Case Details sought & reported wherever found
  • Compliance Check for Partnership deeds, Registrar of Companies registration, ESI & EPF
  • Income Tax, Goods & Service Tax liabilities verification
  • Assessment Orders or Scrutiny about IT analyzed
  • Any History of past default with SEBI, RBI, and or other Market Regulators
  • License-compliance check and Insurance Verification to verify whether in compliance


  • Extensive check of Local, National, and Global Media, Blogs, and internet databases for the history of any negative information/default
  • All the key business principals existing/discontinued are interviewed to confirm the business credentials & capabilities of the entity involved
  • A Market Reputation Check is undertaken with existing business associates and other market sources
  • The Ethical Stature of the entity is also confirmed during the Reputation Checks

Partnership with TACT India for Due Diligence fosters Secure Business Relationships

By choosing TACT India for due diligence services, your organization builds confidence to navigate the complexities of business partnerships. The customized due diligence solutions including Compliance Due Diligence, Terms of Reference Due Diligence, Contract Manufacturer Due Diligence, etc. provide the valuable insights you need to make informed decisions and build secure, long-lasting relationships with partners who share your commitment to ethical and successful business practices.

Contact TACT India today to discuss how our due diligence services can help you mitigate risk and forge successful partnerships.


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