Brand and IPR Protection

TACT India protect the intellectual property of some of the best-known global brands operating in the region through a multi-directional and multi-level strategy deployed through in-house resources at the tactical level to ensure quality results. TACT provides comprehensive brand protection solutions that combine investigations with legal hue provided by a dedicated in-house law firm thus ensuring multi-dimensional enforcement, gutting costs, and achieving effectiveness with speed.


The following services can be offered as part of Comprehensive Brand Protection Operations:-

  • Market Survey.
  • Scoping and Mapping of the extent of the Problem.
  • Investigations.
  • Internet Investigations and monitoring of E-Commerce of counterfeit products.
  • Enforcement Action.
  • Investigations and Coordination with Customs for operations against illegal imports.
  • Investigations of Institutional Sales.
  • Investigations of supplies made against Government and Industrial Tenders.
  • PR and Utilization of Media.
  • Educating the Trader Association in Key Markets.
  • Issue of Cease-and-Desist letters to Key Traders.
  • Obtaining Court Orders for Enforcement Actions.
  • Litigation Support.

TACT India also proposes to establish a Toll-Free Number for obtaining information regarding counterfeit products, which can be utilized by the Client.

Partner with TACT India for Superior Brand Protection

By partnering with TACT India, organizations gain access to a comprehensive and strategic approach to brand protection. This approach minimizes the impact of counterfeiting, protects brand reputation, and fosters sustainable sales growth.

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The organization has been emerging for its versatile services to the national as well as global market, for eg., the Brand Protection service