About Us

TACT India and The Subcontinent is a full spectrum Business and Security Risk Consulting Firm Operating since inception in 2001 and providing risk mitigation solutions across segments to market leaders including some Fortune 500 Global Corporations, entering and operating in the marketplaces of India and the sub-continent with a versatile clientele from FMCG, IT, Hardware and Software, Music and Movies, Electronics and Electric Majors, Pharma, BPO/KPO, NBFC, Banking, Cigarette and Tobacco, E-Commerce, Real Estate, Beverages, Automobiles and Accessories, Books and Publishers, IT & ITES, Mobile Phones & Accessories, Auto Components, Bearings, Wires & cables to name a few.

Experience & Expertise

  • 20+ Years of providing solution-oriented services to clients, with its Pan India Presence.
  • More than 1 Million Risks Assessed & Verified.
  • Serving versatile clientele from IT, Forensic Finance, Logistics, MSME, Manufacturing, and multiple other industries.
  • Operational capability across Indian subcontinent

TACT India (TI) Empowering Pan India Enterprise

Multiple factors are creating a challenging storm for businesses around the country that contribute to an unpredictable environment including,

  1. Slowing Global Economy
  2. Stricter Regulations
  3. Anti-Corruption Measures
  4. Currency Fluctuations
  5. Shifting Foreign Investment Patterns
  6. The Rise Of Sophisticated Counterfeiting

The challenges that the corporations confront while in India and the subcontinent include yet are not limited to the following:

  1. Geographies related risks
  2. Establishment-related risks
  3. Brand-related risks
  4. Business partner and investment-related risks
  5. Employee-related risks
  6. Business continuity-related risks
  7. IT/Digital and Internet-related risks
  8. Travel-related risks
  9. Event and venue-related risks
  10. Reputation-related risks

TACT and India

TACT India's capabilities are grounded in an in-depth understanding of India and the subcontinents’ security and risk dynamics with particular reference to enterprise-wide risk and terrorism. TACT India's research analysts continuously monitor and assess the risk and security situation in the region in order to pre-empt, if possible, and generate advisories for their clients.

TACT India's risk mitigation solutions are designed to obviate brand sabotage, business and channel partner misconduct, incidences of employee malfeasance, fraud and collusion, and reputation and brand dilution in the World

Our Vision

“Addressing multifaceted modern-day business risks faced by corporations by being India’s most qualitatively accountable and responsive risk solutions service provider.”


The organization has been emerging for its versatile services to the national as well as global market, for eg., the Brand Protection service


Our most valuable asset is our personnel, a heterogeneous collection drawn from a multifarious range of professional and cultural backgrounds.

Akhilesh Kapoor

CFE Managing Director and CEO

An alumnus of India's two apex armed forces officers training institutes, National Defense Academy & Indian Military Academy...

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Shailesh K Kapoor

Chief Legal Counsel

Shailesh a law graduate from Delhi University, is an accomplished Corporate Lawyer of Delhi..

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Sweta Bajaj

Sweta Bajaj is an astute professional who spearheads 'Client Relationship Management' and is the 'Practice Head' for Background Verification Services at TACT India..

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Mr Vinod Kumar Pandey

A Dynamic and Objective Oriented Professional Police Officer having served with Delhi Police since 1988 recently hung his boots when he superannuated as an Assistant Commissioner of Police in May 2023...

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Ms. Aparajita Asthana

Legal Counsel

Specialized in Intellectual Property Law since commencement of her legal career in the year in 2002...

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